After much thought we have decided to add a Residential Estimated Pricing page to our website to provide our customers with the opportunity to have a idea at what the cost on the services they would like to have completed.  All below listed pricing is an estimate, a exact quote will be given for your specific situation.

All commercial or multi unit properties will need to have an estimate completed on site.

House Washing:

Up to 1600 sqft –  $225.00

1601- 3000 sqft – $269.00+-

3001 sqft and up call or email for estimate

Roof Cleaning:

Up to 1000 sqft of roof- $259.00

1001-1500 sqft of roof – $339.00

1501-2000 sqft of roof- $399.00

2001 sqft of roof and up please call or email for estimate.

Concrete Cleaning:

2 car wide, 2 card deep driveway – $125.00

20ft wide x 20ft deep back patio – $60.00

25 ft long front side walk-  $15.00

The more concrete that is cleaned at the location the cheaper the sqft pricing becomes.

Window Cleaning:

15 windows outside only – $125.00