I was very pleased with the work this company did washing my home and my daughter’s home.  Their prices are great as well.  Very professional and I would highly recommend them to others.” Kim S, Jefferson County Click Here To Read More Client Reviews! 

We are Southeast Missouri’s
Premier Exterior Cleaning Contractor!

We offer our power and pressure washing, roof cleaning and window cleaning services to all of the area surrounding Farmington Missouri. Be confident that our low pressure house washing can take care of all of your cleaning needs, like no other in the area.

Mineral Area Pro Wash is a fully insured contractor that prides itself on supporting a professional, uniformed, drug free work environment.

What we do when Power Washing in Farmington, MO

    • We add value by giving your home a professional low pressure cleaning, restoring its like new appearance.
    • We provide you with peace of mind by being a PROFESSIONAL, INSURED contractor, not just some fly by night.
    • We give you the time to do the things that you want to do, instead of being stuck doing the things you have to do. Our efficient bidding process and cleaning schedules allow us to take up as least amount of your time as possible.
  • We protect you by being licensed and insured. What do you think your insurance provider would say if you called them and said that you had a unlicensed contractor fall off of your roof, or that a unlicensed contractor scratched your favorite $1000.00 window. After they canceled your policy they would tell you that you will have to go through the civil court process and tie up lots of money and time if you want something done.

How We Do It!

All of our home cleaning is done using low pressure. We use professional grade cleaners; so as not to damage your home using the HIGH PRESSURE that others use. By using low pressure and professional grade cleaners we KILL the mold and fungus that is growing and feeding on your walls and roof, not just blow it off.

By using low pressure and high flow we don’t need ladders and dangerous scaffolding for you home.  While power washing in Farmington we wash up to 3 stories safely from the ground!!

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